pdc fishing championship 2016

The 2016 PDC Fishing Championship was shown exclusively on Sky Sports 3 on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th August. The Thursday broadcast was the 3rd highest viewed programme on the channel for the week ending 7th August 2016. The 2017 Championship was held on June 27th and broadcast on ITV 4 sport.

1- England v Pakistan - Fri 2100
2- England v Pakistan- highlights Fri 2000
3- PDC Fishing Championship Thurs 1930
4- Live GAA Football QF Sat 1750
5- Live GAA Football QF Sat 1530
6- ICC Bayern Munich v Real Madrid Thurs 2030
7- Super Rugby Final Sat 0759
8- Live test cricket WI v India Weds 1528

The event has becomeĀ ever more popular with celebrities from the World of Sport, Music and TV all wanting to compete and help out raising valuable funding for our chosen charity.

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